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Violence and the Sacred

sacrifices a go-go

Arc 2: Episode 4

Violence and the Sacred

Dawn of Earth Season – Bountiful Harvest Promised 1622

Brief overview

- Ty and Derenex the Handsome come face to face. The Lunar supporter questions Ty in relation to recent bandit badness. Ty accuses him of making stupid oaths to evil oppressors and they duel. Kleio interrupts them to make peace. Her interruption makes The Nameless One, she who was overseeing the duel, testy. Kleio departs with a scar on her back. The 2 duelists continue the fight outside. Ty breaks Derenex’s nose, but does not press charges.
PC: Ty, Derenex, Kleio
Setting: Humakti temple and environs
Colour: Red Moon Faction-connection
Clan Resource: Clan Peace — the fiction implied future trouble for the Golden Arrows, but our guest player chose to have Derenex call off the city constables and shield Ty and his clan from harassment related to the duel. So no penalties.
NPC: some new Storm-Bull guy called “Lak”, a Humakti woman called The Nameless One, Derenex the Handsome, Jor-Jar the Quick
Lore: Imperial proclamations

- Keio meddled as a way of paying off her debt to the Healer. Oreena White, priestess of the Healer, asked her to stop a fight. And she did. Priestess didn’t say nothing about starting no fight!
PC: Kleio
Setting: Chalana Arroy temple
Colour: Neutral Faction-connection
Clan Resource: None evoked
NPC: Oreena White
Lore: none

- Porthyr does not learn much about the Zola Fel’s inhabitants. But he does come up with a plan to journey into the otherworld and find out what sacrifices Orlanth requires to stay alive. He later gets the clan’s lame duck chief, Timo, to bless his journey.
PC: Porthyr
Setting: Zola Fel, Clan Hall
Colour: None really
Clan Resource: Clan Magic: fully committed to Porthyr’s venture to the otherworld
NPC: Timo, Tykella
Lore: None

- Stayn is hit by a HUGE call to contribute to new expenses at the Seven Mothers’ Temple. He coughs up the gold, and refuses to let Malovar Patroma pay it for him. The Lunar profiteer and carpetbagger invites Stayn to an interview at his palatial home. Over newtling tail and exotic brandy, Patroma tries to get Stayn to come clean about troubles in his clan. Stayn convinces him that his mother is still in charge, when the truth of the matter is that the old leaders are in the process of being replaced. The exchange becomes heated and, in a shock to Patroma (and the GM) Stayn pulls a knife and holds him hostage. At this point, Lunar priestess Hetaera steps from behind an arras and offers Stayn a way out: follow her to her patron Sir Javan Indagos. She was here at the behest of Patroma to witness how easily members of the Golden Arrow clan could be bent to his will. That wasn’t the lesson she learned.
PC: Stayn
Setting: The Seven Mothers Temple, Patroma’s town home
Colour: Patroma is a power in the Red Moon faction but there was no set up to suggest that this encounter was of great importance to his faction
Clan Resource: nah, just Stayn being Stayn
NPC: Malovar Patroma, Hetaera
Lore: None

- That pesky Oghma questions Gavial Latish about “Primal Violence”: his conviction is that Primal Violence was born out of darkness and that the secret of Tintalker’s new patron, Umath, lies there. Then that pesky Oghma sics the cops on the duellists, en route to an interview with GimGim the Grim.
There, he spreads word that the rebel Ty is making a play to take over the Golden Arrows AND that Stayn would be a more pliable figure. The two are interrupted by Patroma, calling for revenge. GimGim calms the terrified (and newly one-thumbed) man: Stayn will be of use to the Lunar cause, but will be tortured physically and spiritually at some later date to satisfy Patroma’s pride. Oghma works out that GimGim, with his obsessive references to redemption though suffering, must be a survivor of the Penitence Temples of the Danfive Xaron cult.
PC: Oghma
Setting: Imperial Headquarters
Colour: Nothing really factional
Clan Resource: X
NPC: Gim-Gim the Grim
Lore: none

Weird. Violent. I liked it. I hadn’t prepped much but the players were coming up with lots of good stuff.